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Asbestos Test for Special Materials

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Our most precise asbestos analysis

Test special materials for asbestos & man-made mineral fibres (0.001% detection limit)

  • Easy sample collection with instructions - no specialist knowledge required
  • Analysis in an accredited testing laboratory
  • Express analysis of your asbestos sample (3-7 days)

Asbestos, which was banned in 1999, can be very harmful when inhaled. Man-made mineral fibres also pose a health threat. However, asbestos cannot be identified by the naked eye. It is therefore advisable to have a sample of the material which will be worked on tested, especially if renovation or building work is planned. This test uses the latest scientific methods, including SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) and tests for two potential hazards.

Asbestos Test for Special Materials
Asbestos Test for Special Materials
Asbestos Test for Special Materials
Asbestos Test for Special Materials
Your samples will be analysed as soon as they arrive at the laboratory. IVARIO is part of the GBA group - one of Europe's leading providers of laboratory testing services!

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Asbestos Test for Special Materials

More information on the Asbestos Test for Special Materials

When should the Asbestos Test for Special Materials be done and who should do one?

The Asbest Test for Special Materials is ideal for anyone who requires proof of asbestos for legal or other reasons. The lab can detect as little as 0.001% asbestos in your samples, meaning highly accurate results. Our accredited German laboratory uses the latest scientific methods, including Scanning Electron Microscopy. Ashing of the material allows the presence of 0.1% asbestos to be detected. Other treatment methods such as acid treatment can detect as little as 0.001% asbestos. These methods are all included in the asbestos test and which method is used is decided by the laboratory, depending on the type of sample sent in. Business owners and tradespeople risk lawsuits, huge fines and other legal consequences if they do not carry out asbestos testing early on.

Some examples of MMMF are slag wool, basalt wool, stone wool and glass wool. 

These can be found in:
Ceiling panels
Insulating materials
Ovens and fireplaces
Fire doors and mats

What kinds of samples can be analysed as part of the Asbestos Material Test?

Cement screed
Diatomaceous earth
Levelling compound
Mastic asphalt
Magnesite screed
Roofing felt

How does the Asbestos Test for Special Materials work?

To test your materials simply take a sample and send it to our accredited German laboratory. The experts will analyse your sample straight away using the latest analytical methods, after which you can view your results online. If you prefer, you can have your results sent to you by post as well.

Why choose IVARIO for asbestos testing?

Thanks to IVARIO you can test your air/ dust and material samples for asbestos safely, quickly and precisely. After receiving your results, customer support on the phone and by email ensures you get the all-round support you need.


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