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Water Analysis PLUS
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Want to drink your tap water and need a detailed analysis? Then choose this comprehensive test and test for 32 potential contaminants!
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Water Analysis PREMIUM
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For anyone who needs to be completely certain about the quality of their drinking water, e.g. landlords, companies, medical practices and other facilities providing drinking water. 50 potential contaminants tested!
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Die Ergebnisse Ihrer Wasserwerte werden übersichtlich aufbereitet und sind im Anschluss an die Analyse, Online einsehbar. Inklusive einer Handlungsempfehlung unserer Experten. Sollten dennoch fragen bestehen sind wir für Sie telefonisch oder Online jederzeit erreichbar.


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Die Wasserwerke liefern einwandfreies Trinkwasser. Aber nur bis zur Grundstücksgrenze. Aus über 100.000 Untersuchungen* wissen wir, 25% aller Analysen weisen gesundheitliche Risiken durch hausinterne Leitungen, Armaturen oder z.B. Filter auf.

Water testing in an accredited laboratory

Your water sample is in good hands

After you have sent back your sample, one of our accredited water testing laboratories will carry out your chosen test. Our partners for water testing are various groups of laboratories, some of which have more than 23,000 employees working at over 225 locations in 39 countries and using over 150,000 different analytical methods. Your test is truly in good hands.

Wassertest im akkredierten Trinkwasserlabor - GBA

Take the sample using the simple instructions

Would you like to have your water tested? On the next page you can choose the appropriate water testing kit, for example the Combined Test. After you have ordered, you will receive your own professional test kit. Together with sterile containers and step-by-step instructions, it includes everything you need to send your water sample back, hassle-free.

Die Probennahme
Die Wasseranalyse

Water analysis in an accredited water testing laboratory

After your water sample has arrived at the accredited laboratory, specialists carry out a thorough analysis of your drinking water using the latest scientific methods. Mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) is one of the methods used to measure chemical and physical parameters as precisely as possible. This guarantees accuracy and ensures even low concentrations of individual contaminants can be traced. For microbiological testing, e.g. for legionella or E.coli, conventional methods using cultures are used.

Your water analysis results - clear and fast

With the exception of the legionella test which takes around fourteen days, you will receive the results of your test within approx. 5 - 7 days. If you prefer, you can receive the analysis results by post, free of charge. You can view the results online and print them out in the comfort of your own home. To keep everything as straightforward as possible, the individual results are clearly laid out. In addition, they are compared with the maximum values stated in the Water Supply Regulations so that you can immediately spot potential threats. Not only do you find out if your water is contaminated, but you find out to what degree. The results are therefore ideal for submitting to landlords or property managers. 

Ihre Analyseergebnisse
Lassen Sie Ihr Leitungswasser von uns testen!

Recommended by our customers - have your tap water tested by IVARIO!

UK households should play it safe and have their drinking water tested in an independent laboratory. IVARIO offers support and transparency and has been recommended by thousands of satisfied customers. Starting with a straightforward sample collection process and professional analysis, right through to clear and comphrensible test results and personalised advice from trained experts - in no time, you gain a clear overview of the quality of your drinking water or well water.

Sharing our knowledge: everything you need to know about drinking water in the IVARIO guide

Do you have questions relating to drinking water, water testing or water analysis? Would you like to know more about potential contamination caused by heavy metals (lead, copper, iron), bacteria, legionella, germs, analysis of water hardness, nitrite, nitrate, statutory regulations and much more?
Nothing is as important as transparency and clarification, especially when it comes to health. That's why we try to tackle your questions in our drinking water magazine!
Fragen zum Trinkwasser

IVARIO water testing - fast laboratory analysis of your drinking water

Recommended by thousands of satisfied customers

IVARIO is your go-to specialist for water test kits & water analysis. All water testing is carried out exclusively in accredited water testing laboratories. We offer reliable service at fair prices. Our water testing kits have been specially designed for you to help you to determine the quality of your drinking water and avert potential health threats caused by contaminants in your water. We have designed our popular water testing kits based on experience and knowledge of our customers' needs. You have the chance to order your water analysis online and have your tap water tested. How? Like this! You can test your water for heavy metals like lead, copper and nickel, as well as for microbiological contaminants, e.g. coliform bacteria, E.coli and legionella. You can also test your water hardness. However, water testing is not only worth doing if you notice any visible changes in your tap water - we have compiled a list of reasons for testing your water here. You can find an overview of our water test kits here

If you cannot find a test that suits your needs, please get in touch (go to contact form) and we'll be happy to help.

UK water quality - supplier's responsibility ends at property boundary

It is therefore essential to monitor your tap water (pipes & fittings)

Drinking water is one of the most strictly regulated substances in the UK, and we should really be able to drink it without hesitation. According to the Water Supply Regulations, the local water companies have a duty to supply "wholesome" tap water and routinely monitor their water. To do this, samples of water leaving the water companies are regularly tested. However, what many consumers don't know is that the supplier's responsibility for the water ends at your house's supply pipes or the house water meter. Except for legionella testing, the landlord is generally not legally required to monitor the water. Harmful substances like lead, copper and nickel mostly sneak into the drinking water through domestic pipes and/or the taps (galvanised fittings). Toxic heavy metals like lead or copper, pathogenic bacteria or dangerous legionella have one thing in common: they can cause serious diseases that may go unnoticed for a long time or be misdiagnosed. The maximum concentrations for these harmful substances are strictly regulated in the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations. Carrying out a water analysis is the only way to clarify the quality of your drinking water. IVARIO gives you the chance to test your tap water quickly, easily and inexpensively.

Legionella testing - have your water samples analysed for legionella 

Legionella test kit: monitor your water, protect yourself and your home

Most rental properties are required by law to perform legionella testing. The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) stipulate that landlords and property owners are obligated to carry out a legionella risk assessment. However, there are no set regulations for the frequency of testing and the law does not apply to every case, so whether or not this testing actually takes place is not always known. For this reason, many consumers choose to test their own tap water for legionella. To do this, you'll receive a test kit which contains everything you need to take the sample. Your legionella water testing takes place in an accredited testing laboratory. The clear test scores then reveal if there are contaminants in your tap water. Your personal IVARIO experts are at hand if you need further help and assistance. We are happy to disuss the results of your legionella testing with you, free of charge. If you would like to avoid the risk of legionella contamination in your household, we recommend water testing because the health effects can be serious and are mostly not traced back to legionella. Click here to go to the Legionella Test.

Water test kit for babies and infants - the answer to "which water should I use during pregnancy?

Have the tap water you use for baby formula tested and protect both mother and child 

Babies and young children react more sensitively to water which is contaminated with heavy metals. House pipes and taps can have a large impact on the drinking water and harm the health of your baby. It is therefore advisable to have your tap water tested, preferably as early as during pregancy. The IVARIO Baby Test has been specially developed for the needs of babies and young children and is recommended on numerous parenting sites and by renowned experts. You can find out more about tap water for babies and the Baby Test in the IVARIO drinking water blog.

Well water testing - analyse freshwater quickly and easily

Well water analysis for private wells, groundwater and freshwater

IVARIO also provides well water testing for your private well. The Well PLUS test is especially popular with our customers. With our test kit you can test your well water quickly and inexpensively for various substances, e.g. iron, manganese, ammonium, nitrite, nitrate, bacteria like E-coli and other germs, as well as measuring eletrical conductivity and other values. Our range of kits cover all the parameters set out by the water regulations. If you own a well and would like to have the water tested, click here for an overview of our well water analysis kits. The Well Water PLUS includes both a chemical and microbiological analysis, examining water for enterococci & coliform bacteria. Many of our customers order the test for glyphosate (pesticide) too. You can take the water sample using the test kit which we post to you. After taking the sample, simply send it off using the return kit provided. Water analysis which includes bacterial or microbiological components are sent in a cool box and collected by a UPS courier. This is to guarantee that when the sample arrives at the laboratory, it is still cold, which is essential for an accurate colony count. Find out more about well water testing. You can read interesting articles about well water in the IVARIO drinking water magazine too.

Drinking water wiki - "Your source for all things water-related"

Do you want to look up certain words to do with water analysis or generally just find out more about drinking water? 

Take a look at our drinking water wiki page. There you can find clear, consumer-oriented information presented to you by experts. New key words are constantly being added to our database.

Water analysis and water testing for dental practices
Testing the water in your dental unit waterlines (DUWLs)

(Tests for: legionella, pseudomonas & total viable count 36°C) intended for dental practices

Dental practices should routinely monitor the water in their DUWLs as part of their quality management procedure. Regular water testing should be a fixed component in your practice's hygiene regime (see Decontamination in primary care dental practices). It is especially important to test for legionella and pseudomonas and measure the total viable count at 36°C. All these parameters are tested in this special test kit for dental practices. Order the test kit for your dental practice here

Drinking water analysis - analyse the tap water in your own home
Choose your test now and order a test kit

Are you on the hunt for a water testing kit for your home? Simply choose a test, complete the order process online and we will dispatch your test kit to the address provided within 24 hours. You can take the water sample whenever you want and post it later - it's really that easy. 


Have your water testing & analysis carried out by experts in a laboratory
Successfully performed thousands of times for our customers

There are many ways of testing your own drinking water. If you really want to stay on the safe side, getting your water quality tested in an accredited laboratory (or at an "approved water testing site') is a must. IVARIO provides expert advice as well as a professional lab analysis. Your personal test report clearly and simply conveys your test results using both graphics and text. Unlike most test strips which work using colour scales, each individual result is depicted in more detail as a number. What's more, a bar chart makes it easy to spot straight away if a value falls within the limits set by the Water Supply Regulations or not. Experts recommend laboratory testing because the values provided by the lab analysis can help you to take appropriate measures. Many landlords use the IVARIO water testing kits to routinely test their properties for lead or legionella. It is very important to us that our kits are user-friendly, which you can tell from reading our customer reviews and experiences

All IVARIO water testing kits also include:

professional analysis in a specialist laboratory

clear test results

customised advice on your test results over the phone