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Water Testing Kits

Why you should have your tap water tested – conveniently and affordably with an IVARIO ® water test kit

Mother and daughter in pyjamas drinking water from the tap.
Tap water is inexpensive and always of high quality – provided that your building’s pipes and taps play along.

In general, tap water meets all the drinking water quality requirements and very few people think that you have to worry about its safety. So, why should you have your tap water tested? As is so often the case, the devil is in the detail. While the inspections of our water suppliers really are strict and our drinking water is constantly being tested for contamination all the way from its sources through to the municipal pipelines via the waterworks, the final stretch of the journey between the supply network and our glass – through our domestic pipes and taps – is left unchecked.

So it is not surprising that the greatest sources of danger for our tap water lurk right here, in and behind our own four walls – and they can sometimes be a real headache. Lead pipes were used in the construction of domestic water pipes until the 1970s. Although they have been strictly prohibited ever since, these old pipes are still regularly found in old buildings today, standing in the way of carefree enjoyment of our tap water. And this doesn’t just apply to glasses of still water or water from the soda maker, it also affects cooking water. Lead is a heavy metal and, unlike bacteria, heavy metals cannot be boiled out.

You should be very wary of lead in old buildings – but copper and nickel should also be checked.

Copper, nickel and lead – the greatest dangers in tap water

In addition to lead, copper and nickel are two other heavy metals it is worth testing for. Copper values can be over the limit, particularly in newer water pipe systems, if a protective lime layer hasn’t yet formed in the pipes. Nickel contamination, on the other hand, often originates in valves and, unfortunately, this doesn’t just happen with low-cost suppliers, but also with supposedly high-quality brands.

Image of a hand filling tap water into a glass.
Building pipes and taps should be tested to make sure they are not releasing copper, nickel or lead into your tap water.
Split image: lab tap water testing on the left, tap water testing results on a tablet screen on the right.
A simple laboratory test provides information. Take a tap water sample, send it to the lab and wait for the results.

Get your tap water tested in the laboratory – quickly and easily

With IVARIO ® tap water testing kits, you can easily and reliably get answers to your questions about the quality of your tap water. As a subsidiary of the renowned GBA Laboratory Group, we bring high-quality laboratory analyses to your home in customer-friendly consumer test kits for water. With our convenient tap water testing kit, sampling is as easy as ABC and you will get an easy-to-understand overview of your analysis broken down into different parameters within a few days. Your results will of course be confidential and your laboratory results will not be shared with third parties under any circumstances. Questions before or after the analysis? No problem: our expert customer service team at [email protected] will be happy to advise you at any time.

Split image: lab tap water testing on the left, tap water testing results on a tablet screen on the right.
A simple laboratory test provides information. Take a tap water sample, send it to the lab and wait for the results.

Tap water testing kits from IVARIO ® – Our most popular laboratory analyses

Our popular STANDARD, PLUS and PREMIUM test kits for water are suitable for most applications and offer you a choice of tap water testing kits with different test parameter scopes. You can find more products for testing tap water on our homepage. These include more specialised water test kits for Legionella and bacteria or for testing well water, and many more.

Standard Water Test
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Our most popular test has all the answers. Offers fast assurance and tests your water for numerous heavy metals, minerals, hardness and much more, at a great price. Ordered over 10,000 times.
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Water Analysis PLUS
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Want to drink your tap water and need a detailed analysis? Then choose this comprehensive test and test for 32 potential contaminants!
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Water Analysis PREMIUM
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For anyone who needs to be completely certain about the quality of their drinking water, e.g. landlords, companies, medical practices and other facilities providing drinking water. 50 potential contaminants tested!
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Image of water test strips.
Pharmacies usually only offer test strips for testing tap water – but these are not fully reliable.

Tap water test kits from the pharmacy – generally just test strips

The familiar test sticks were for a long time the only way to test domestic tap water. And they are still widely used today and often sold by pharmacies for testing tap water. For a quick test – e.g. on holiday – test sticks can still be useful. However, the results are not that reliable and also depend on how long the test strips were stored for before they were sold. In contrast, a tap water test in a specialist laboratory provides highly reliable results at a price that really is competitive in a direct comparison. So, have your tap water tested in the GBA Group's specialist, professional laboratories and enjoy it with confidence – whether cooking or using your home soda maker. Or take the actions required to ensure the quality of your daily drinking water.

Image of water test strips.
Pharmacies usually only offer test strips for testing tap water – but these are not fully reliable.

More than 40,000 satisfied customers per year

Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority. And that means making our products as easy to use as possible while providing high quality, professional reliability, and the best possible service. Our numerous positive customer reviews speak for themselves. See for yourself. You can read more reviews in our customer reviews.

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Jan Fair

"Ivario made the whole exercise easy. From the receipt of the initial information to the despatch and return times together with a report that was easy to understand. A question asked via email was answered quickly and fully. We were quite impressed and happy that our borehole was producing good, safe water. Can wholly recommend. We were quoted over £575 for the same service in Chester and were told that we would have to find someone to decipher the technical report ourselves."

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Joseph K. Burke

"Have recently upgraded Central Heating system involving adjustment to external pipes from the mains water supply. Our apartment is part of a converted Victorian house built 135 years ago when lead water pipes were common. Having recently developed gastric problems I just wanted to check that lead content in our drinking water was not a causal or contributory factor. Thanks to this analysis I now know it wasn't. Many thanks to Ivario for a very efficient service at a reasonable price."

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Matthew Lyons

"We have a remote rural small holding with a half mile water supply pipe from local water company. The number of leaks we have on our long supply pipe have become unacceptable and the cost of replacing too high. With the confidence of an IVARIO water test we can now set up a well pump and replace our mains supply with our own water. We will continue to monitor the quality of the water through the next four seasons and then annually after that."

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"IVARIO is an excellent company to do business with. They are efficient in responding to queries and in delivering the test kits and their results. The kits are easy to use and do not take long. The test are very thorough. When the results are ready, you receive and email with a link to the results. Thank you IVARIO for providing such a user-friendly and scrupulous service just when we needed it."

About IVARIO ® – a subsidiary of the GBA Group

IVARIO ® has set itself the task of easily and economically answering questions about tap water quality and domestic health. As a subsidiary of the renowned GBA Laboratory Group, the company is now part of one of Europe’s largest networks for professional laboratory services – bringing this expertise into your home in easy to use and easy to understand consumer products. It all started very small: in the year of its founding, 2013, the founders developed a simple but safe test that gave concerned parents unequivocal certainty about the quality of their own tap water – the baby water test kit was born. Today, our range includes a large and growing portfolio of home user test kits and domestic health products. For your health at home.

Rear image of a woman with a computer. On the computer's screen, a lab water test result is being displayed.
We have been performing analyses for you since 2013 and do so today as part of the GBA Group – one of the largest European networks for professional laboratory services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the sample analysed?

All analyses are carried out in the German laboratories of IVARIO's umbrella company, the GBA Group, one of Europe’s leading laboratory service networks. Since 1989, the GBA Group has been synonymous with the highest standards in laboratory equipment, analytical methods and test results.

Do I need prior knowledge of sampling?

No, with all IVARIO ® products, the sampling procedure is clearly described, comprehensively illustrated and as easy as ABC.

How long does the analysis take?

The analysis time varies from product to product but is generally within 3 to 10 working days from receipt of the sample at the laboratory. However, sometimes the results are available earlier.

Will non-experts understand the results?

Yes, the results are presented in a way that is understandable for non-experts. However, if you have any questions, you can contact IVARIO ® customer service at any time free of charge.

Will my results be shared with third parties?

No, your analysis results will not be shared with third parties under any circumstances.

Could the results be used as legally valid evidence?

No, for the results to be considered legally valid evidence, the sampling would have to be carried out by certified experts. The analysis results should be used as a private guide. However, IVARIO ® analyses are much more economical for a qualified initial assessment in a legal case than legally valid sampling and analysis or an expert opinion.

Can I send in a mixed sample from different sampling points?

With the water test kits, taking a mixed sample from different taps/points of use is not recommended. The values can vary greatly due to the different taps installed and different materials in the supply pipe system. In the case of water samples, it is best to test the water at one point of use that is used a lot for obtaining drinking water on a day-to-day basis, e.g. in the kitchen. An exception here is the Legionella test, which should preferably be carried out on the shower head. There may be other minor differences, and the exact instructions are described in the corresponding product manual.