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On the side, you can find a brief overview that should help answer any questions you have about our water analysis kits. Just click on the topic of your choice and you'll automatically be taken to the corresponding page on our website. 

The IVARIO principle - expert home water testing 

IVARIO is your go-to online shop for water testing. We make it possible for you to test your drinking water for a variety of potentially harmful substances which can be released from pipes and fittings, or may end up in your water due to environmental factors. You don't need any specialist knowledge or experience - the whole process has been developed especially for consumers. We guarantee that testing your water is straightforward and fast, and that none of your questions are left unanswered.



Testing your water is this easy:

How your water analysis works

  • Your test kit is dispatched within 24 hours
  • includes step-by-step instructions
  • Foolproof sample collection
  • Immediate analysis after receiving your water sample

Take the sample - using the simple instructions 

After successfully completing your order, we will send your personal IVARIO test kit to the provided delivery address within 24 hours. This consists of a sterile container, simple instructions and a return kit. 

"Simply take the water sample whenever and wherever you want."


Laboratory testing - in an accredited water testing laboratory

After receiving your water sample, it will be examined in an accredited water testing laboratory using the latest scientific methods. The chemical/physical parameters of your drinking water examination are measured using ICP-MS (mass spectrometry). This guarantees accuracy and ensures even low concentrations of individual contaminants can be traced. For microbiological testing, conventional methods using cultures are applied. 


Your water analysis test results - ultrafast and clear

After just 5-7 days, you will receive the results of your water test, which you can view online and print out. Upon request, we can post you the test results for free. The individual values are clearly presented and compared to those of the Water Supply Regulations. 

"Not only do you find out if your water is contaminated, you find out to what extent!"

For every parameter tested, you'll receive additional explanations and helpful information. Should you have any questions following this, the IVARIO experts are available via phone, email and live chat to help out, free of charge. Expert advice is included in the price of every IVARIO water analysis. 


Have your tap water tested -
check the water quality in your home


Tap water contains a number of substances that are undesirable, either completely or only in higher concentrations. Heavy metals (e.g. lead, copper, nickel), bacteria/germs (e.g. e.coli or pseudomonads), pesticides (e.g. glyphosate) or pharmaceutical residues, as well as nitrite, nitrate and sulphate, can cause long-term damage to one's health. The IVARIO drinking water tests have been specially developed to test tap water from private households and provide you with an optimal overview of the quality of your tap water. 


Have your well water tested - detect water contamination
caused by environmental factors with the IVARIO well water analysis


Well water contamination is commonly caused by environmental factors. The samples sent to us regularly show microbiological abnormalities (coliform bacteria, e.coli, enterococcus). The values for nitrite, nitrate, ammonium and iron regularly exceed those prescribed in the Water Supply Regulations. An analysis of your well water is recommended if you use well water to water your plants or drink yourself. If you supply the water to a third party, you are generally obligated to perform regular testing. The IVARIO well water test examines your water thoroughly and safely. 


Water testing for dental practices


Test the water in your dental practice. You'll receive everything that you need to take the sample. As well as detailed instructions on how to take the sample, we ensure your water sample is transported quickly in a refrigerated vehicle. The dental water analysis for dental practices examines the parameters for legionella, the total bacteria count at 36 °C and pseudomonads. This is the recommended water analysis test for your treatment units. 


IVARIO water testing laboratories - top quality thanks to accreditation


Simple legionella testing - monitor and protect yourself


Since 31.12.2013, legionella testing has been required by law for many facilities providing drinking water. Protect yourself from an infection and get your water tested using the simple legionella test. 


Free expert advice - before, during and after the analysis

As an IVARIO customer, you are entitled to top-quality, expert advice. It is a priority for us to ensure that all IVARIO experts are highly trained in order to give you the most professional and customised advice possible. Use the free service and contact us by email, phone, fax, or in person. 


Our recommendation: the IVARIO magazine

The IVARIO drinking water magazine regularly presents exciting, current topics relating to drinking water. Here you can get helpful tips on drinking water and your own water quality - straight from experts and at no extra cost.

The IVARIO water tests provide all the answers. That's what our customers' reviews and experiences show.

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Our most popular analysis

the Combined Water Test

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Customer feedback on our Combined Water Test:


Great value for money

The water company wanted 50 euros for lead testing. Here you get so much more in terms of quality. Fantastic.

from Anna B.


Very fast lab

Our grandkids are with us more often now so we wanted to get our drinking water tested. The test was easy and fast. I thought it would be more complicated.

from H. Lang