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Lab analysis for drinking water - test your water with IVARIO

There can be various reasons for testing your tap water. Although the drinking water supplied by the water companies is generally extremely clean, the supplier's responsibility for assessing the water quality ends at the supply pipes or house water meter. Due to the type of materials used for house pipes and taps, various unwanted substances can get into the drinking water and cause adverse health effects.

Long-term intake of contaminated drinking water is detrimental to one's health. A water analysis gives you an insight into the quality of your drinking water and shows you if the statutory maximum values in the Water Supply Regulations are being complied with, or if there is a need for action. 


Common reasons for testing drinking water are: 

  • You live in a new building (→ copper pipes)
  • You live in an old building (→ lead pipes)
  • You are pregnant or have a baby/small child (→ preparation of formula)
  • There have been abnormal changes in the water (colour, turbidity, odour, taste)
  • You use a water filter (→ possible risk of bacterial contamination)
  • Elderly people or those with weak immune systems live in the household (→ legionella)

We also offer drinking water testing to well owners, medical practices and business owners. 



Testing your water is this easy:

Take a sample - using the simple instructions

Select the water test kit of your choice (e.g. Combined Water Test Kit) on the next page. After successfuly completing your order, you will receive your own personal test kit. This consists of a sterile container, simple instructions and a return kit. 

"Simply take the water sample whenever and wherever you want."


Laboratory testing - in an accredited water testing laboratory

After receiving your water sample, it will be examined in an accredited water testing laboratory using the latest scientific methods. The chemical/physical parameters of your drinking water examination are measured using ICP-MS (mass spectrometry). This guarantees accuracy and ensures even low concentrations of individual contaminants can be traced. For microbiological testing, conventional methods using cultures are applied. 


Your water analysis test results - ultrafast and clear

You will receive the results of your water test after approx. days. (Exception: legionella water test after 14 days). You can easily view them online and print them out. Upon request, we can post you the test results for free. The individual values are clearly presented and compared to those of the Water Supply Regulations.

"Not only do you find out if your water is contaminated, you find out the exact quantity of each contaminant!"

For every parameter tested, you'll receive additional explanations and helpful information. Should you have any questions following this, the IVARIO experts are available by phone, email and live chat to help out, free of charge. Expert advice is included in the price of every IVARIO water analysis. 

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There are a number of tests to choose from, and so to help you with your decision we have put together a compact overview. This includes a comparison of our different water test kits, each with a brief recommendation. You can find the overview here: go to test kit comparison.