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  • in compliance with ISO 17025
  • sample can be taken by your staff
  • legionella analysis included
  • lab results can be retrieved online

Water Testing for your Dental Practice
The Dental Water Test

Tap water in dental practices has to fulfil certain standards of hygiene so as not to put the welfare of the patient at risk. Water testing for dental practices should ideally be carried out on a regular basis. A tap water analysis determines how hygienic the tap water in the practice is. The focus of the water analysis is on legionella, the total bacteria count at 36 °C, and pseudomonads. 

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Collecting the water sample

Collecting the water sample at your treatment unit is extremely simple thanks to the illustrated, step-by-step instructions provided, and can be carried out by your staff. Please note that samples for each treatment unit must be taken separately. Please order the appropriate number of test kits. 


Lab results - available online

We will send you an automatic email notification as soon as your test report is available online. With your personal identification code, you can view the results of your water analysis online after around just 14 days. Each individual value is shown and compared to national requirements/guidelines. You can receive free, personalised advice on your test results by email or on the phone. 

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IVARIO water testing laboratory - highest quality thanks to accreditation

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"Extremely simple to do and well explained"
My boss ordered the water test kit and "laid it on the table" without further explanation. I had my doubts initially, seeing as I had never taken a water sample before. However, the instructions in the kit explained EVERYTHING, step by step. I can honestly say that taking the sample is effortless and you don't need any special background knowledge.


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"Very good, well-structured process"
The organisation of logistics was impressive. The parcel arrived the day after we had ordered and paid. The procedure was easy and understandable. Your company's availability on the phone was outstanding and customer service friendly. The UPS driver came punctually as agreed. The lab results were clear, easy to understand and punctual, as expected. Fantastic. High praise from Hildesheim!


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"Well explained"
The equipment for taking the sample arrived punctually and was complete, as were the test results. Good service.

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IVARIO expert advice - before, during and after the analysis

As an IVARIO customer, you are entitled to top-quality, expert advice. It is a priority for us to ensure that all IVARIO experts are highly trained in order to give the most professional and customised advice possible. Use the free service and contact us by email, phone, fax, or in person. 


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