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Water Analysis PREMIUM

non toxic

Our most extensive water analysis

50 substances tested for, incl. legionella, meaning you gain a detailed insight into your water quality

  • Incl. cool box & instructions on how to take sample - no prior knowledge required
  • Water analysis in an accredited water testing laboratory ISO 17025
  • Free express delivery and fast analysis of your samples

Our PREMIUM Analysis is IVARIO's most extensive water analysis. By testing for numerous heavy metals, minerals, nitrogen compounds, geogenic substances, bacteria/germs and even legionella, you can gain a profound insight into the quality of your water. This test is geared towards those with allergies and weak immune systems, as well as those responsible for facilities providing drinking water (e.g. offices, medical practices, property management companies, property owners etc). Even before buying a property, we recommend carrying out this water analysis. 

Water Analysis PREMIUM
IVARIO laboratory analyses are performedimmediately after receipt
of your sample.IVARIO is part of the GBA-Group - one of the leading accredited laboratory service providers in Europe!
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Water Analysis PREMIUM

How your water analysis works

  • your test kit is dispatched within 24 hours
  • incl. step-by-step instructions
  • foolproof sample collection
  • sample is analysed as soon as it is received

More information on the Water Analysis PREMIUM

Professional laboratory water testing: identify abnormal values and concentrations

The Water Analysis PREMIUM provides total assurance that your drinking water is safe. In just a few simple steps, samples taken from your own tap are professionally examined by an accredited laboratory. This analysis combines the Water Analysis PLUS, an extensive bacterial examination, with the analysis for legionella, giving you a complete picture of your water quality. The values tested offer a clear overview of potential abnormalities. 

How is the Water Analysis PREMIUM carried out?

After placing your order, your test kit is dispatched within 24 hours. It contains everything that you need to take the sample, incl. detailed instructions, ice packs and a free return label. No specialist knowledge is needed. If you need help, you can call the IVARIO drinking water experts for free. 

Simply arrange for your sample to be collected by our courier service at the time of your choice, and your sample will be transported to the lab within 24 hours. This service is included in the price and is essential because the results of the microbiological tests could be skewed if the transport time is too long and the temperature too high. In the water testing laboratory, the examination of your samples begins straight away.

Which contaminants are analysed in the Water Analysis PREMIUM?

The Water Analysis PREMIUM includes a detailed analysis of the following contaminants:

Microbiological, culture testing:


Indicator Parameters & Pathogens:

Colony count 22°
Colony count 36°

Microbiological Parameters (Water Supply Regulations) & Pathogens


Metals and heavy metals


Minerals and substances causing hardness

Phosphorus (Orthophosphate)
Water hardness (mg/l calcium carbonate)

Nitrogen compounds

Total nitrite/nitrate

Salts and Esters:


Other values tested:

Total anions
pH value
electrical conductivity


Have your water analysis done by professionals

The Premium Water Analysis gives consumers of tap water and those responsible for the water the knowledge that it is perfectly safe to drink. Thanks to the Water Supply Regulations, the drinking water distributed to households by suppliers is very clean. However, the real danger is lurking in the pipes at home, and it often goes unnoticed. This is because the responsibility for maintaining water quality passes from the water suppliers to the property owner, normally at the water meter. Old pipes, lead pipes, improper maintenance: a range of factors can cause a huge amount of damage, and ultimately this manifests itself in the health of the consumer. 

Heavy metals such as lead and nickel put the health of the consumer at risk, as well as various bacteria that can make showering and cleaning a source of infection. The cause can lie in both domestic pipes and in water filters or fittings. The Water Analysis PREMIUM provides maximum protection because it checks for all the important toxic heavy metals that can be released from the pipes and enter the water. In addition to this, harmful bacteria like legionella can be detected.

Gut problems, colds and much more can be caused by bacteria in drinking water. Children are particularly susceptible to heavy metals like lead or copper, but adult consumers are at risk too. A link between these problems and a contamination of the home water supply is often identified far too late, or not at all. 


Water testing for bacteria and heavy metals: important for those with allergies and weak immune systems

Comprehensive tap water testing for consumers is recommended by experts if contamination is suspected, but is also recommended as a preventative measure. The quality of UK drinking water is undeniably high, but this does not mean it is completely safe. Home water installations and filter systems can become problematic. To effectively counteract problems, abnormal values need to be uncovered and the cause eliminated as quickly as possible. The Water Analysis PREMIUM tests for all the important contaminants. In addition to easy sample collection and a highly professional analysis, an understandable breakdown of the test results and free expert advice are provided. 


Who is the Water Analysis PREMIUM suitable for?

The Water Analysis PREMIUM is intended for anyone who wants or needs to be absolutely certain that their tap water is safe. 

Not sure which test is the right one for you? You can find a comparison of our test kits here. If you would like to test your tap water too, we recommend our water analysis kits for consumers.

If you have questions relating to well water testing or need more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with the IVARIO team. Go to contact form.



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Customer opinions on Water Analysis PREMIUM

Alois K. (16.01.2019)
Very clear and wide range of tests
The test tells you everything you need to know. Collection was reliable and straightforward.
Autor . (19.12.2018)
Great shop
Martin F. (25.07.2018)
Brilliant test that covers everything
It was important for us to carry out extensive testing. Therefore we chose this test, and we are very happy with it.
Fa. H. (29.11.2017)
Many thanks for the good service
As expected: fast, serious and reliable
Herr S. (25.08.2017)
Exactly as described - simple and very clear
Will gladly order this test again if I need to
Sabine . (12.05.2017)
The quality of drinking water in Berlin is not what you'd expect!
The test showed me that our tap water had both LEAD and NICKEL in it! I called Berlin Water and was told that it comes from our pipes/taps and is perfectly normal! That's unacceptable!! We are definitely going to test in more places because testing went very smoothly!
Dr. S. (12.05.2017)
Exactly what I was looking for!
Perfectly designed and definitely lived up to our expectations!

Please note that this test serves as a self-monitoring tool and cannot be used for official or legal purposes because the sample is taken by you as a private individual and not by a specialist. If you require officially approved results in accordance with the Water Supply Regulations (e.g. for landlords or housing companies), the sample must be taken by a specialist. If you have questions concerning this, contact us and we will be happy to advise you.