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Water Analysis PLUS

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Is your tap water free of contaminants?

A complete analysis of 32 potentially harmful substances in your water

  • Easy sample collection with instructions - no prior knowledge required
  • Water analysis in an accredited water testing laboratory ISO 17025
  • Express analysis of your water sample (3-7 days), expert tips included

Did you know that local water companies can only guarantee excellent water quality up to the boundary of a property? Toxic heavy metals and nitrogen compounds e.g. nitrate/nitrate can be released into your tap water from household pipes and fittings, or enter your water supply through groundwater. This can have a negative impact on your health, particularly for pregnant women, babies and toddlers. 

The Water Analysis PLUS gives you as a consumer the safety you need and the opportunity to monitor your own tap water independently. 

Water Analysis PLUS
IVARIO laboratory analyses are
performed immediately after receipt
of your sample.
IVARIO is part of the GBA-Group - one of the leading accredited laboratory service providers in Europe!
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Water Analysis PLUS

How your water analysis works

  • your test kit is dispatched within 24 hours
  • incl. step-by-step instructions
  • foolproof sample collection
  • sample is analysed as soon as it is received

More information on the Water Analysis PLUS

When is water testing necessary and how good is drinking water in the UK?

Drinking water in the UK is generally of a very high standard and is tested regularly by water companies before making its way into the consumer's home. However, what most people don't know is that the water companies' responsibility ends at the boundary of the user's property. From here, water quality is the owner's responsibility (mostly the landlord). In the majority of cases, the property owner is not legally required to carry out water testing. Legionella testing is an exception. Old pipes and plumbing systems are not the only factors influencing the quality of tap water, but contamination is most likely to come from taps and fittings. For this reason, the readings given by the water companies don't mean much for the consumer. If you want to know what the quality of your tap water is really like, you should carry out a water analysis in a water testing laboratory!

How is the water analysis carried out?

After you have completed your order, your test kit will be dispatched within 24 hours. It contains everything you need to take the sample. You don't need any special knowledge or experience.

After you have filled the sample bottle, simply use the return kit which we have prepared for you and send your sample straight to the accredited water testing laboratory. Here your water sample will be analysed by specialists, directly and efficiently. 


Which contaminants are analysed in the Water Analysis PLUS?

The Water Analysis PLUS includes a detailed analysis of the following substances and values:

Heavy metals:


Minerals and substances causing hardness:

Phosphorus (Orthophosphate)
Water hardness

Nitrogen compounds

Total nitrite/nitrate

Other values tested:

pH value
electrical conductivity

Would you like to test for other contaminants in your water and/or are you responsible for a facility providing drinking water? Then we recommend the Water Analysis PREMIUM for a complete overview. Medicines and pesticides used in agriculture can make it into drinking water and have become a growing problem. With the Pharmaceutical Test and the Pesticide Test, you can detect problems early on.

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Wassertester . (17.01.2019)
No complaints
I would recommend this test. Tests for contaminants, everything included. Would shop here again!
veron . (16.09.2018)
Best value for money
the test is the best in terms of value for money in my opinion, everything went just fine. no complaints
sabrina . (27.05.2018)
Just what I was looking for
We are a young family and wanted to test our tap water. I researched different options for testing and established that only a proper lab analysis would deliver the results we required. The Plus test tests for many important contaminants and is great value for money. The good reviews on IVARIO were a deciding factor too. The results were there after just a few days and I received a friendly email notification. I would definitely order here again. Many thanks
Martina . (20.04.2018)
Everything super
Thanks very much, maybe I'll order here again
Stefan H. (30.10.2017)
Loads of contaminants tested - first class, more than enough
None of the results are missing, it's a fantastic option and you can order it from the comfort of your home: top!
Leona L. (21.06.2017)
Loooooads of contaminants tested and punctual results
I would choose this test again.
Bernhardt T. (08.06.2017)
Very, very broad range of analysis
I had no idea what to do with all the different results at first until I saw (read) each one's connection to drinking water. Otherwise everything went smoothly. Super.
StephMa . (22.05.2017)
I would order/do this again
Lots of parameters tested, which is great. Very interesting for me as I'm a mother?nitrate, sulphate, etc.
Dagmar R. (18.05.2017)
Flawless analysis
My package arrived in one piece, no problems. I'm happy that there are so many different results and that I can finally be certain.
Fam. G. (14.05.2017)
4 stars
One star deducted because the packaging was defective?but extremely accommodating team here! Fast and simple transaction - all good in the end!
Franky B. (13.05.2017)
pleasant communication
"We had a few questions concerning our problem and these were all answered competently. The rest of the procedure was also easy to understand and carry out. We are very happy!"
Autor . (01.05.2017)
Quickly processed
Delivery was very fast, instructions were excellent!The results were very nicely presented came on time. As I said: excellent!
Fam. G. (22.04.2017)
Everything ok
Everything went really well, we have no complaints. Thanks very much, we'll recommend you to friends.
Maestro77 . (02.04.2017)
Cheap test
"You pay a lot elsewhere for what you get here! I did a bit of research and there are some chaotic shops out there, they can't be trusted. I saw an ""analysis"" which a friend had done - you can forget it. I can recommend these kits. Great company!"
Michael u. (11.03.2017)
Comprehensive water testing
Hello, we spent a lot time trying to decide whether the small test would be enough or whether we should take the bigger one?in the end we decided to take the one in the middle and it was the right one. Very detailed and clear and all our questions have been answered. We were told there aren't supposed to be any bacteria in the drinking water here. Thanks!

Please note that this test serves as a self-monitoring tool and cannot be used for official or legal purposes because the sample is taken by you as a private individual and not by a specialist. If you require officially approved results in accordance with the Water Supply Regulations (e.g. for landlords or housing companies), the sample must be taken by a specialist. If you have questions concerning this, contact us and we will be happy to advise you.