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Water Analysis BASIC

non toxic

An inexpensive way to check the quality of your water

Tests for 8 potential contaminants in drinking water

  • Easy sample collection incl. instructions - no prior knowledge required
  • Water analysis in an accredited water testing laboratory ISO 17025
  • Fast analysis of your water sample (3-7 days), expert tips included

The Water Analysis BASIC gives you an overview of the condition of your household pipes. We also recommend this test kit if you want to test the water from your coffee machine. Drinking contaminated drinking water can cause serious health problems. Therefore experts recommend regular testing to monitor the quality of your tap water.

Water Analysis BASIC
IVARIO laboratory analyses are performedimmediately after receipt
of your sample.IVARIO is part of the GBA-Group - one of the leading accredited laboratory service providers in Europe!
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Water Analysis BASIC

How your water analysis works

  • your test kit is dispatched within 24 hours
  • incl. step-by-step instructions
  • foolproof sample collection
  • sample is analysed as soon as it is received

More information on the Water Analysis BASIC

When is water testing worth doing and how good is drinking water in the UK?

Drinking water in the UK is generally of a very high standard and is regularly tested  before making its way into consumers' homes. What most people don't know however is that the water companies' responsibility ends at the boundary of the user's property. From this point on, water quality is the owner's responsibility. Old pipes and plumbing systems can affect the quality of the tap water. However, contamination is most likely to come from taps and fittings. For this reason, the readings given by the water companies don't mean much for the consumer. If you want to know what the quality of your tap water is really like, you should have your water professionally tested in a laboratory!


How is the water analysis carried out?

After you have completed your order, your test kit will be dispatched within 24 hours. The test kit contains everything you need to take the sample. No prior knowledge is needed. 

After you have filled the sample bottle, simply use the return kit which we have prepared for you and send your sample straight to the accredited water testing laboratory. Here it will be analysed by specialists, directly and efficiently. 


Which contaminants are analysed in the Water Analysis BASIC?

The Water Analysis BASIC includes a detailed analysis of the following substances and values:

Heavy metals:

Minerals and substances causing hardness:
Water hardness

Other values tested:

pH value
electrical conductivity

Would you like to test your water for other contaminants? 

If you want to drink your tap water, we recommend the Water Analysis PLUS which tests for 31 potential contaminants in your water.

What effect does drinking contaminated water have on your health?

The water you drink has an enormous impact on your health. Even if you don't drink tap water yourself, you most probably use it to cook with. Unlike most bacteria and germs, heavy metals are not removed through cooking processes such as boiling. Contamination with heavy metals like lead or copper is a health risk, and the effects are gradual and commonly misdiagnosed. Possible indications of this are persistant tiredness, fatigue and frequent headaches. You can find more information on the health effects with the results of your water analysis. 

If the drinking water flows through lead pipes, it is very unlikely that the concentration of heavy metals in the water is below the limits prescribed in the Water Supply Regulations. If this is the case, the consumer's health is at risk and further measures should be taken, such as updating the plumbing system. 

Who is the Water Analysis BASIC aimed at?

The Water Analysis BASIC is for anyone who wants to check the condition of their pipes and the materials used for their taps and fittings in order to spot potential problems early on. 

Other popular tests are our Water Analysis PLUS and Water Analysis PREMIUM.

As a supplement to the Water Analysis BASIC, we recommend further tests such as the Pharmaceutical Test or the Pesticide Test

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Customer opinions on Water Analysis BASIC

Anonym . (07.12.2017)
No complaints, very nice
Heiko K. (11.05.2017)
Next time I'll get the bigger test
?I skimmed the text and then had to order the bigger test as well. Buy cheap, buy twice as they say. Otherwise all ok.
Fam. T. (27.04.2017)
Thanks a lot! Will shop here again!
We've tested our water here a few times before, so we're writing to say: thanks you, everything TOP NOTCH! It's fast, well packaged, the results are presented clearly, and nice that you can save the PDF too. We have no complaints are hope that we don't have to test our water again in the near future ;)
Sebie . (02.04.2017)
Can recommend
Worked well, no complaints. Could have been one more sample container in there...
holger b. (18.03.2017)
Super quick and easy
After moving house we urgently wanted to have our water tested. Unfortunately no one could do it in our area and so we ordered here. The process was easy and very fast, and the results came fairly quickly too. Luckily everything was fine! Thanks again?

Please note that this test serves as a self-monitoring tool and cannot be used for official or legal purposes because the sample is taken by you as a private individual and not by a specialist. If you require officially approved results in accordance with the Water Supply Regulations (e.g. for landlords or housing companies), the sample must be taken by a specialist. If you have questions concerning this, contact us and we will be happy to advise you.