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Well Water Analysis

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Test your well water - quick & easy

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The Well Water Analysis reveals the  quality of your well water. With the help of the test kit provided, testing your well water is perfectly simple. The Well Water Analysis examines physicochemical parameters as well as testing for microbes. Experts recommend testing the quality of your well water several times a year.

Well Water Analysis
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Well Water Analysis

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More information on the Well Water Analysis

Well water - your own drinking water supply from your private well

Well over 90% of the UK population obtain their drinking water in what is probably the easiest way: from a water company. The companies are professionally operated and the quality of the water that ends up in the households closely monitored. However, more and more people are now turning to an alternative source: a private well, which uses the same groundwater that water companies use. Well water has many advantages, but hygiene is an important element of well maintenance and monitoring.

A private well as an alternative to the water supplied by water companies

Independent from the water companies' supply network and an effective alternative in the long run, a private well is an attractive option for households (especially in rural areas) as well as for farms, public institutions and other large-scale consumers of water. Even if the water supplied by water companies satisfies almost all private and commercial requirements, getting your drinking water this way does not always make sense in remote areas, whether it be for environmental, hygienic or technical reasons.

Water does not equal drinking water

The problem: From a microbiological and chemical point of view, the quality of drinking water drawn from a well is not necessarily equivalent to the quality prescribed in the regulations. To meet these standards, special water treatment plants are necessary. Water obtained from private wells can also contain contaminants which have made it into the water through the soil, and these contaminants need to be removed before the well water can become wholesome drinking water. Private wells are usually relatively shallow and don't have any protection zones. These are normally responsible for protecting the area around a waterwork from groundwater contamination, thus safeguarding the water supply. Privately, and on a smaller scale, measures like this are almost impossible. Therefore, well water testing is recommended. 

Test your well water: the Well Water Analysis tests your well water for the following contaminants:



Total hardness






Total organic carbon (TOC)

pH value


The electrical conductivity is an important indicator parameter. It can be used to determine how contaminated the water is with conductive materials, i.e. metals, e.g.


High electrical conductivity reveals an increased presence of conductive materials. Low conductivity indicates an increased presence of minerals, e.g. sodium, calcium, potassium or magnesium. Hence, the electrical conductivity of your water is a very revealing paramter and should certainly be tested.

In addition, the Well Water Analysis includes a microbiological examination of your well water for:

Coliform bacteria

Escherichia (E.coli)



Attention: The Well Water Analysis should not replace water testing which has been ordered by authorities or mandatory in accordance with Water Supply Regulations. For this, the health authorities require that the sample be taken by certified, specially-trained staff. If you require certified sample collection, we can gladly make you an individual offer.

If you have questions related to well water analysis or need more information on the subject of "well water testing", don't hesitate to get in touch with the IVARIO team. Go to contact form

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Customer opinions on Well Water Analysis

M.Jol . (06.07.2016)
Very comprehensive test for well water
We use water from our well to water the plants. All results within the limits, easy to return the sample - fantastic.
Pedd . (23.03.2016)
Quick and cheap
Very detailed analysis - discovered an abnormal iron value - we have an iron filter and all fine now.
Annonym . (03.03.2016)
Very good
Problem-free execution and brisk results with many values.
Werner . (27.01.2016)
Even easier than expected
The Well Water Analysis is a fantastic product. Very easy to do and fast report.
Barth . (06.01.2016)
Well water testing for our garden
We went for the well water analysis for the well in our garden and the water in our shed. It detected coliform bacteria which prevented us from getting sick. Many thanks to your laboratory team and we wish you a successful 2016.
Jc. M. (28.12.2015)
Very easy
The Well Water Test has a simple design and is easy to carry out. The test report is easy to understand and very visual with all the colours and bars.
Anonym . (12.10.2015)
Well water
I was happy with the service provided. One of the responsibilities of our allotment community is to test the well water. We'll definitely do this test again.

Please note that this test serves as a self-monitoring tool and cannot be used for official or legal purposes because the sample is taken by you as a private individual and not by a specialist. If you require officially approved results in accordance with the Water Supply Regulations (e.g. for landlords or housing companies), the sample must be taken by a specialist. If you have questions concerning this, contact us and we will be happy to advise you.