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Direct comparison of IVARIO water analysis kits.

Water analysis or water testing can be done for a variety of reasons. The test specialisation is, however, of the utmost importance. As well as testing for heavy metals, a microbiological assessment is often worth doing. The Water Supply Regulations set out strict maximum values in this area too.

On the basis of our experience and by evaluating numerous customer enquiries, we have compiled a list of our water test kits for you. In the short description, you can see which water analysis is best for you based on test specialisation or suspected problem.

The Combined Water Test is perfect for examining and assessing your home drinking water because it combines three individual water tests: the Basic Test, the Heavy Metals Test, and the Baby Test. Thus, you get a complete picture of your water quality and can identify potential sources of contamination.

The IVARIO experts are of course available to assist free of charge at any point before, during and after your laboratory water testing.

Is a substance you wanted to test for not included in one of the analysis kit? No problem. Simply contact us using the contact form or call us on 0800 0318190. We can detect almost any substance for you and will happily prepare a customised offer (Go to contact form).