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Heavy Metals Water Test

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Detect heavy metals in drinking water

Checks for lead, copper, nickel and other contaminants

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Heavy metals in drinking water can have considerable health implications. Lead pipes and other substances like copper and nickel are especially high risk. These contaminants are potentially hugely dangerous, above all for babies and young children. The Heavy Metals Test quickly gives you peace of mind.

Heavy Metals Water Test
Heavy Metals Water Test
Heavy Metals Water Test
Heavy Metals Water Test
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Heavy Metals Water Test

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More information on the Heavy Metals Water Test

Lead and other heavy metals in drinking water are a huge health hazard. Testing your water for lead and other heavy metals commonly found in drinking water can help to identify and eradicate this hazard, which is especially great for babies, young children and pregnant women. The presence of heavy metals in tap water is a more common problem that most people think, and this is due to the misconception that the drinking water that comes out of our taps is strictly regulated. This is only partially true: our drinking water is strictly monitored according to the Water Supply Regulations. This guarantees that the water supplied to the consumer is safe. However, this strict regulation ends at the consumer's water meter, and the journey from the meter to the tap is a long one. Home owners are responsible for the quality of the drinking water that eventually ends up in the consumers' taps. For more information on this, click here. 

Test your water and gain peace of mind: water testing for heavy metals

The Heavy Metals Test examines the following parameters:


Lead in water is generally a health concern. If heavy metals are ingested continuously over a long period of time, the effects often go unnoticed. However, the slow process by which lead is released into drinking water has long-term consequences. Lead has been proven to affect the intellectual development of children, bone formation and organ function, and thus young women, pregnant women and parents of young children in particular should know if their tap water contains lead. The most common source of lead in tap water is lead piping in home plumbing systems. 


Copper in drinking water can also cause adverse health effects. More often than we think, copper poisoning can be traced back to the contamination of household pipes.


Iron should not be ingested in higher concentrations either, because this may also lead to significant health problems.


Nickel can enter our drinking water through chrome-plated fittings, for example. Nickel does not only pose a health threat to those allergic to it, but regular absorption of nickel via the respiratory tract has been linked to the formation of lung tumours. 


Kidney damage, bone alterations and even stomach aches with vomiting may be caused by ingesting too much cadmium. In the long term, organ damage may also occur.


Electrical conductivity is an important indicator parameter.

pH value

The pH value indicates if the drinking water is acidic, neutral or alkaline. If it is acidic or alkaline, further testing is needed as this may point to contamination. Moreover, if water is acidic or alkaline, pipes may be damaged, harmful legionella can multiply and various skin diseases may arise. 

Heavy Metals Test - drink your tap water safely

The water test for heavy metals gives you peace of mind, quickly and reliably. Even if the drinking water supplied to us by water companies complies with UK drinking water standards and is safe and clean, this doesn't mean that it stays like this all the way to the tap. Therefore it is  important to have the water tested for heavy metals, especially if people with weak immune systems are living in the household or children/infants are drinking the water supplied. The health effects are all too often underestimated. 

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Attention: To rule out the presence of other heavy metals in your drinking water, we recommend our Combined Test. For more information, click here. Please note that this test for heavy metals does not provide any information on harmful legionella pathogens. You can request the Legionella Test here. 

Don't know which test is right for you? You can find a comparison of our test kits here. 

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Customer opinions on Heavy Metals Water Test

Markus . (09.03.2017)
Test results
Hi and thanks! Our test results were available within 7 days as promised. Thanks to the test, we found out that the nickel levels in our kitchen our too high and so we are now going to get some advice on nickel-free taps at our local plumbing company. We would definitely test our water with you again if need be. Best regards
Martin . (24.09.2016)
Simple process
"The test kit for 'heavy metals' arrived quickly, was well packaged and came with illustrated, well thought out instructions for the process. We tested water from three different taps in our house, and the kitchen one showed abnormalities. 0.8 mg/l of nicke was discovered, 4 times higher than the statutory limit. Our questions were discussed and clarified in a very friendly way on the phone. We are going to change our tap because taps are often to blame. We're very pleased with the whole process and the service and would test our water here again."
Hans G. (10.06.2016)
Quick and clear
Perfect delivery
Alles s. (26.04.2016)
Keep up the good work
Niklas . (02.12.2015)
Easy to do at home
Fast and simple, just as described.
Petzer . (18.11.2015)
Nice and cheap
H-J.68 . (26.10.2015)
No complaints
The test kit came on time, the results too. All the substances listed in the description were tested for. We also had the water in our coffee machines analysed because we found out that lead and other heavy metals can get into the water here. All our results were fine though. I would recommend everyone do this because the consequences can be serious.
Merlin . (13.10.2015)
Works well
Quick and cheap. Nice!
Jens . (31.08.2015)
Test for lead and other heavy metals - check
Everything super, thanks

Please note that this test serves as a self-monitoring tool and cannot be used for official or legal purposes because the sample is taken by you as a private individual and not by a certified specialist. If you require officially approved results in accordance with the Water Supply Regulations (e.g. for landlords or housing companies), the sample must be taken by a certified specialist. If you have questions concerning this, contact us and we will be happy to advise you.
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