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Baby Water Test

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Should you use tap water for baby formula?

Test your tap water for harmful contaminants

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Contaminated water can cause lasting damage to your babies and toddlers, who are far more sensitive to contaminants than adults. Harmful substances can enter drinking water through the home pipes (e.g. through lead pipes/joints) and fittings. The Baby Test helps you check for the most important contaminants and expose potential health threats. We advise you to only use tap water which has been tested to prepare baby formula, because the alternatives (such as mineral water or similar products from the supermarket), could put your baby's health at risk due to the softeners and raised uranium levels they contain.

Baby Water Test
Baby Water Test
Baby Water Test
Baby Water Test
Your samples will be analysed as soon as they arrive at the laboratory. IVARIO is part of the GBA group - one of Europe's leading providers of laboratory testing services!

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Baby Water Test

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More information on the Baby Water Test

What type of water is best for babies and pregnant women?

Parents commonly ask if drinking water is suitable for babies, if it should it be boiled first, or even avoided altogether. Many people buy water which is specially designed for baby formula and have no idea of the possible risks involved. This indicates that people do not always trust their own drinking water. Drinking water is nevertheless one of the most strictly regulated substances and is therefore better for baby formula than prepackaged mineral water from the supermarket. Mineral water is subject to the Natural Mineral Water, Spring Water and Bottled Drinking Water Regulations, but the parameters differ greatly from those prescribed by the Water Supply Regulations. Tap water is more strictly regulated than mineral water and so tap water which has been tested should be used to prepare baby and infant formula, as recommended by the NHS.

Avoid water from the supermarket

Various studies have shown that uncontaminated tap water is considerably healthier for babies and toddlers than mineral water from the supermarket. The levels of toxic substances in tap water are more strictly regulated than in mineral water due to the Water Supply Regulations. Nevertheless, isolated cases of contamination can occur and can have a negative impact on the unborn baby as early as during pregancy. To be sure that your drinking water is really pure, we recommend our Baby Test. This test is specially designed to test the parameters which are important for your baby's health. We do however recommend boiling the water, even after having your drinking water tested.

The Baby Test examines your drinking water for the following contaminants:


Infants and children aged 0-4 are particularly vulnerable to lead in drinking water. High concentrations of lead have an huge influence on the nervous system and in some circumstances can cause considerable damage. Tests have shown adverse effects like decreased concentration levels, increased impulsiveness and diminished performance in intelligence tests and agility exercises. 


Copper in tap water (for example as a result of copper pipes) can cause considerable health problems to infants and young children when ingested via drinking water on a longterm basis, but may be problematic for adults too. Copper can settle in an infant's liver and cause liver cirrhosis.  


Nickel can get into our drinking water through chrome-plated fittings, for example. Nickel does not only pose a health risk for those allergic to it, but regular inhalation of water containing high levels of nickel can lead to lung cancer and tumours. Babies and toddlers in particular should not ingest any tap water containing nickel. 


An infant reacts very sensitively to nitrite in the first months of its life. Ingesting nitrite causes the red blood cells to mutate. This can lead to a lack of oxygen because the transport of oxygen is impaired by nitrite. An infant can suffocate as a consequence of lack of oxygen. 


A high intake of nitrate or nitrite poses a huge health risk to an infant in the first months of its life. A condition known as methemoglobinemia (cyanosis) can occur. If stomach viruses arise, there is a risk that nitrate may be converted into nitrite. 


Infants react particularly sensitively to sodium because their kidneys are not yet fully formed. An increased intake of sodium, for example through drinking water, adversely affects a child's gut flora. Even for adults, an increased intake of sodium can lead to high blood pressure or any of the cardiovascular diseases resulting from this. 


An increased intake of sulphate has a laxative effect and can cause diarrhoea and vomiting. Infants and toddlers react particularly sensitively to suphate because their kidneys are not fully formed and so the excess sulphate cannot be properly excreted.

Attention: to rule out the presence of other heavy metals in your drinking water, we recommend taking a look at our other consumer-oriented water testing kits


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Customer opinions on Baby Water Test

Autor . (25.10.2018)
I wanted to know if I could drink my water during pregnancy
and this test has now forbidden it :I lead, uh ohhh
Lydia . (26.04.2017)
Tap water I can drink during pregnancy
Regards, Lydia
Kathrin S. (10.11.2016)
Great product (water test kit)
The whole process is simple and straightforward. We would do it again!
Maria V. (29.09.2016)
Is the water safe for babies? Yes!
No abnormalities found here :)
Larissa . (10.04.2016)
Tap water or water from glass bottles
Both have their pros and cons. I went for the tap water test kits in the end and in the 7th month of pregnancy I switched from mineral water in glass bottles to tap water. I plan to give tap water to our baby too, providing our doctor has no objections. On the water test: it was clear and easy to do. The return box is stable and you don't need to worry about your samples. The results were available within the specified time frame, I was notified by email. All in all, everything was just as described and I can highly recommend it.
Silviya . (17.12.2015)
Mineral water or tap water or baby water
There are conflicting opinions and a lot of 'scientific' articles on this topic floating around. The fact of the matter is, however, that you have to decide yourself what to mix your baby food with and what to drink during pregnancy. We opted for tap water and got it tested - all clear. The test worked well. Thank you!
Tina . (16.12.2015)
Impressed by the test
I'm pregnant and have given the this topic some thought. I heard about IVARIO on the TV and got my water tested straight away. The results convinced me and confirmed my suspicions - copper levels were high. I have to admit, I'm impressed with the service too.
Martens . (09.11.2015)
Totally impressed!
We didn't notice any abnormal changes in our water, but it turned out some of the results were too high. Can definitely recommend the test kit.
Vor d. (28.10.2015)
Mia Kuhl
Franzi . (22.10.2015)
Highly recommended!
We received the results 6 days after ordering the kit - faster than promised! Super.
Michelle W. (20.10.2015)
Easy to use
Fantastic product. It's also worth noting that you've clearly made an effort to keep the whole thing as plastic-free as possible :) I find that great, and thanks to the water tests we now use less plastic at home - gone are the days of lugging around heavy bottles of water! 5 stars for you and the Baby Water Test.
Alles b. (31.08.2015)
Nadine Martens
Sibel . (24.08.2015)
For baby food
"Hi everyone at IVARIO, I read about this water testing kit in the papers and decided to get it because we only give our Cem baby food which we mix with tap water. Today we're ordering another kit for my friend and I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product! Thanks, keep it up! Sibel"
Sabine M. (19.08.2015)
Great product!
We want everyone to be healthy?especially our little baby, so we tested our water, especially since there was all this talk about fracking and groundwater in the papers.. We're very happy, thanks very much!!

Please note that this test serves as a self-monitoring tool and cannot be used for official or legal purposes because the sample is taken by you as a private individual and not by a certified specialist. If you require officially approved results in accordance with the Water Supply Regulations (e.g. for landlords or housing companies), the sample must be taken by a certified specialist. If you have questions concerning this, contact us and we will be happy to advise you.
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