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Standard Water Test

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Is your tap water safe to drink?

Complete analysis of the most important contaminants in water

  • Easy sample collection incl. instructions - no prior knowledge required
  • Water analysis in an accredited water testing laboratory ISO 17025
  • Express analysis of your water sample (3-7 days), incl. expert tips

Our Standard Test provides an extensive examination of your water. With this expert water testing kit, you can analyse the quality of your drinking water for 19 potential contaminants, thereby spotting possible health threats posed by copper, nickel, nitrite and nitrate and other harmful substances, and clarifying if, and to what extent, your water is contaminated. 

Standard Water Test
IVARIO laboratory analyses are performedimmediately after receipt
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Standard Water Test

How your water analysis works

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More information on the Standard Water Test

Test the quality of your water with our comprehensive test

Thanks to our Standard Test Kit, you can perform thorough water testing, get an insight into the quality of your drinking water and find out if it is safe to drink. Taking the sample is simple: a test kit with clear, step-by-step instructions is provided, allowing you to take the sample yourself and save both time and money. The quality of your water will then be analysed in an accredited laboratory using the latest scientific methods, and compared to the maximum values set out in the Water Supply Regulations.

The Standard Test is ideal if you want to know whether you can drink and cook with your water with confidence. To run additional testing for bacterial contamination, we recommend our Premium Test Kit.

Test your tap water - now foolproof thanks to our most popular test kit

There can be various reasons for testing your tap water. Our Standard Test is a combination of our Basic, Heavy Metals and Baby tests. You can be certain that your water doesn't contain any heavy metals, harmful salts or minerals, and is safe to drink for you and your family.

Customised advice - even after the analysis 

You can conveniently retrieve your test results online after around seven days using your personal access code. But even after receiving your results, our trained IVARIO team will happily advise you on the phone or by email, because we believe that an individual interpretation of your drinking water analysis is an absolute priority. 

The Standard Test is a popular, tried-and-tested IVARIO test and contains the following individual tests:

Basic Test

Heavy Metals Test

Baby Test (especially for water used in baby formula and consumed by pregnant women)

Tip: in addition to the Standard Test, we recommend warm water testing for legionella. Click here for more information on legionella testing.

Our Standard Test includes an analysis of your water for the following substances and values:


Lead absorption is a fundamental health concern. Due to the gradual nature of the process (constant and in low quantities), it often goes unnoticed, however lead leaves traces in the human body which are stored in the bones. Young women, pregnant women or small children need the most protection because lead absorption can affect development. In adults too, even the lowest quantities of lead can give rise to a range of health problems. A common culprit is lead piping in the home. Landlords are obligated to replace lead pipes, which have been banned since the 1970s.


Diseases have emerged that can be traced back to copper in drinking water. Therefore, water which is contaminated with copper should not be consumed by adults, infants or children. The long-term ingestion of copper through drinking water can result in considerable health problems and a risk of copper poisoning. Beware of the use of copper pipes in your house. 


Excessive iron absorption has a harmful effect on humans. Other undesirable consequences include discoloration and cloudiness. An increased concentration of iron is also responsible for an unpleasant taste in the water and often leads to technical problems in the house. 


Nickel can enter our drinking water through chrome-plated fittings. Nickel does not only pose a health threat to those allergic to it, but regular inhalation of water containing high levels of nickel can lead to lung cancer and tumours. 


If you occasionally suffer from stomach aches and vomiting, cadmium ingestion may be to blame. In large quantities, cadmium in drinking water can also cause kidney damage and painful altered bone formation. The initial physical symptoms are vomiting, stomach aches and cramps, and long-term ingestion may lead to substantial organ damage.


Calcium naturally occurs in all water. Together with magnesium, it is crucial for water hardness because it stabilises the pH value of the water. Calcium has a positive effect on bone formation. Indeed, studies on cardiovascular health show that in regions with comparatively high levels of calcium in the water, the risk of heart disease is lower. Nevertheless, increased water hardness is accompanied by higher levels of limescale, which is not ideal, particularly for household appliances.

Water hardness

The total hardness of tap water is considered to be the total amount of the minerals calcium and magnesium that is released into the water. The higher the calcium and magnesium content, the harder the water. The level of hardness is measured in mg per litre. Drinking water with low levels of hardness has comparatively less flavour. Well water and tap water with high levels of hardness have health benefits thanks to the high mineral content. However, this can also lead to a faster rate of scaling in household appliances like washing machines, dishwashers or coffee machines. 


Magnesium is present in all water and is one of the natural components of groundwater. The quantity of magnesium in drinking water in the UK is not high enough to have a positive effect on the body, particularly on the muscles. It is not detrimental to our health, but does contribute to water hardness along with calcium. 


Electrical conductivity is an important indicator of the purity of drinking water due to the fact that pure water is inherently non-conductive. 

pH value

The pH value indicates if the drinking water is acidic, neutral or alkaline. If it is acidic or alkaline, further testing is needed as this may point to contamination. Moreover, if water is acidic or alkaline, pipes may be damaged, harmful legionella can multiply and various skin diseases may arise. 


Nitrite can cause cancerous diseases and is harmful for the liver and genetic makeup. Infants react particularly sensitively to nitrite in their first months of life. Ingesting nitrite can cause the red blood cells to mutate. This mutation can then lead to a lack of oxygen, because nitrite significantly impairs the transport of oxygen. A lack of oxygen can result in suffocation. 


A high intake of nitrate and nitrite poses a huge health risk to humans. A condition known as methaemoglobinaemia may occur. With stomach viruses, there is a risk of nitrate being converted into nitrite.


Infants react particularly sensitively to sodium because their kidneys are not yet fully formed. An increased intake of sodium, for example through drinking water, adversely affects a child's gut flora. Even for adults, an increased intake of sodium can lead to high blood pressure or any of the cardiovascular diseases resulting from this. 


An increased intake of sulphate has a laxative effect and can cause diarrhoea and vomiting. Infants and toddlers react particularly sensitively to suphate because their kidneys are not fully formed and so the excess sulphate cannot be properly excreted.



Not sure which test is the right one for you? You can find a comparison of our drinking water test kits here.

Do you need even more assurance? Test your water for legionella too!

For total protection in your household, legionella testing is essential. The legionella test is a warm water test and is carried out differently. Find more information on the legionella test here

Also included in IVARIO's product line are the Pharmaceutical Test and Pesticide Test. Test your water for these specific contaminants. 





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All parameters that I wanted to know were tested, and outstanding explanations for each results - highly recommended.
Stachs . (05.11.2017)
Really helped us
The kit arrived the following day, all good and nice simple description. Taking the sample is easy and we didn't have any questions. It's simple to do. After 5 days we were notified by email of the results of the analysis with a lot of interesting values, eg. lead. There were a lot of explanatory texts for extra support - we didn't have any unanswered questions so we didn't have to use the free support service. I can definitely recommend the IVARIO water test kits for anyone who wants certainty about what's it the local water, because you wouldn't believe all the stuff it can contain.
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We'll definitely order again - very impressed!
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We found this shop on google and decided to order the Combined Test to test our tap water, because the test seemed like the most general one but also the most extensive one. It was the right decision and we were advised in a very friendly and uncomplicated manner when we had a few questions about our water quality. THANKS and SEE YOU SOON!
Markus . (15.02.2017)
Test was just as described
Easy to do, clearly described. You just have to fill the bottled with water and put them in the box. It turns out we have nickel in our water, very annoying. We suspected straight away that something was wrong though because our little one has neurodermatitus...the test has confirmed it though > nickel. The owner of the house is extremely cooperative though. Let's see how it goes.
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We tested our water for our children because we're not on very good terms with our landlord and the pipes in our new building are made of copper. The taps in the kitchen and bathroom are standard ones. The order process was easy and we paid via PayPal. The package (sturdy Ivario envelope) came the following day. Everything was there and was well explained. All of our results were good except for nickel. As mentioned, we suspected our taps to be the cause. The test confirmed that and we are getting new ones. Thanks very much for the long phone call too, great service!
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Please note that this test serves as a self-monitoring tool and cannot be used for official or legal purposes because the sample is taken by you as a private individual and not by a specialist. If you require officially approved results in accordance with the Water Supply Regulations (e.g. for landlords or housing companies), the sample must be taken by a specialist. If you have questions concerning this, contact us and we will be happy to advise you.