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Rapid Mould Test

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Mould in the air? Do a test!

Mould in the air? Put it to the test!

  • Easy to use – no previous knowledge required
  • Suitable for bedrooms, children's bedrooms, living rooms etc.
  • Includes a free mould guide: featuring expert tips about mould infestations

Are you looking for a cost-effective DIY mould test kit? This test kit contains everything that you need to make an initial assessment of a possible mould infestation. In addition to one petri dish, you also receive the IVARIO Mould Guide so that you can easily analyse the mould yourself. This guide is packed full of images so that you can see how badly the air in your room is affected. If you discover that your room is badly or very badly affected, we recommend sending the sample off for laboratory analysis to identify the type of mould and its possible causes. For visible mould, we recommend ordering this lab analysis kit now, as the home test kits/rapid tests are not conclusive enough to analyse the impact of the mould on your health. On the other hand, if you are looking to get an initial overview of the situation, the home test kit is ideal.

Important Note: Please select the number of rooms you want to test using the Quantity field below. We recommend testing the bedroom, living room and children rooms – if present.  

Rapid Mould Test
IVARIO laboratory analyses are performedimmediately after receipt
of your sample.IVARIO is part of the GBA-Group - one of the leading accredited laboratory service providers in Europe!
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Rapid Mould Test

More information on the Rapid Mould Test

Mould Home Test Kit: who can use it and when should it be used?

The Mould Home Test Kit is a quick, easy and cost-effective way to investigate a possible mould infestation of the air in your home or workplace. It can be used in living rooms, offices, cellars, bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms.

The test is ideal for those with one or more of the following factors that cause mould:

  • Poorly insulated old building: Poorly insulated rooms are excellent breeding grounds for mould. Restrictions placed on renovations and restorations mean that listed buildings and old buildings subject to conservation orders are particularly badly affected. Poor insulation often leads to moisture forming on the inside of external walls, making it a risk area for mould.
  • Large temperature differences between rooms (thermal bridges): If you have rooms that are heated to a high temperature next to unheated rooms, or if there are large discrepancies in the temperature between the upper and lower floors, it can lead to thermal bridges. These thermal bridges are particularly susceptible to condensation and, as a result, mould.
  • Conspicuous smell: A musty, stale smell that is reminiscent of soil can be an indication for mould in the home. If you can smell mould, you need to act straight away and use a mould home test kit to check whether you have mould in the room in question.
  • High levels of air humidity: High air humidity levels are a key cause behind the formation mould. This is especially relevant for kitchens and bathrooms, but bedrooms can also be affected here. Don’t forget about cellars and lofts either – the lack of ventilation here can cause moisture to collect quickly in these spaces.

As mould is especially harmful for certain risk groups, it makes sense to do a home mould test if you belong to one of the risk groups. These include:

  • People with respiratory disorders
  • Asthmatics
  • Pregnant women
  • Young children
  • People with a weakened immune system

Mould Home Test Kit: identify mould fast

The Mould Home Test Kit is the number one choice when it comes to identifying mould quickly and easily without the need for a big outlay. Once you have ordered your mould test kit, it will be delivered within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

The test kit includes precise instructions about how to conduct the test and an illustrated guide, so that even complete novices can conduct the test quickly and easily.

If mould spores are present in the air, the culture media, which come with the test, allow mould colonies to form. When used in a secure environment, this makes it possible to check whether you have mould in your home. As the culture media are conducive to the mould spores developing quickly, you can also see very clearly how much mould is present in the room in question.

Once you have taken the sample, you simply need to keep checking the petri dish at regular intervals to see whether any mould colonies are developing and, if so, how many.

Do I have mould in my home? The Mould Home Test Kit has the answer!

Many people are put off using a mould test kit, as they worry that it is too complicated for them to do themselves. But the test is extremely easy to use: simply follow the illustrated instructions and use the evaluation table (included) to analyse potential mould spores. You get a quick and easy overview of whether you have mould in your home and which rooms are affected by mould.

I have identified mould in my home – what do I do next?

If you discover signs of mould with the Mould Home Test Kit, we recommend carrying out a Lab Mould Test on the room in question. The laboratory will give you precise information about the types of mould and how many mould colonies you have in the room. This will help you to identify the cause of the mould in the room and to take action, as different types of mould have different requirements.

Airborne mould: a problem that needs to be taken seriously

Many people underestimate the risks associated with airborne mould. It has been proven that mould spores and mycotoxins can cause asthma, respiratory disorders and inflammation. It is also believed that some particularly aggressive types can cause serious lung damage, cancer or can affect the cerebral membrane. Mould is also associated with symptoms such as fatigue, breathing difficulties and headaches. So, if these symptoms arise and there is no obvious cause, it is worth using a Mould Home Test Kit to quickly find out whether mould spores are affecting your quality of life.


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