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Rapid Mould Test

non toxic

Mould in the air? Do a test!

Test your indoor air for mould spores

  • Easy to do - no specialist knowledge required
  • Fast results for up to 6 rooms
  • Included in the kit - your free IVARIO Mould Booklet

Mould can form on a number of different surfaces, often as a result of moisture or condensation damage. In damp rooms, mould rapidly grows and can quickly become a problem. The Rapid Mould Test allows you to quickly and easily gain an overview of the degree of contamination in a room. It helps you analyse the presence and concentration of mould spores in the air.

Rapid Mould Test
Rapid Mould Test
Rapid Mould Test
Rapid Mould Test
Your samples will be analysed as
soon as they arrive at the laboratory.
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Rapid Mould Test

More information on the Rapid Mould Test

When should a Rapid Mould Test be done and who should do one?

- High humidity in your rooms
- Respiratory problems
- Allergies
- Pregnant women, children, eldery people, or anyone else who is more at risk lives in the flat/house
- You suspect mould in your bathroom, on the windows or on the walls
- Strange smells (musty/stuffy)

Our Rapid Test is extremely versatile. It is ideal for you if the rooms in your home are extremely damp or humid. This may be the case if you have recently suffered water damage, have discovered that your insulation is insufficient, or can no longer ventilate your rooms properly. It is also ideal if you want to have a rough idea of the amount of mould present in your indoor air. Test your children's bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, living room and corridors to check if the air in these rooms is contaminated with mould spores. If you live in an old building or have health concerns while renovating, asbestos may be on your mind. Our Asbestos Indoor Air Test is ideal as it helps determine if there are asbestos fibres in the air of your room.

How does the Rapid Mould Test work?

After ordering a mould test online, your test kit will be dispatched within 24 hours. All the tools you need to take a sample yourself are included in the kit, and no special skills are required. After approx. 10 days, you can count the results yourself and rank the level of contamination using our evaluation table.

Why test with IVARIO?

Test your surfaces and indoor air samples for mould quickly and safely. Customer service on the phone and by email after receiving your results ensure you get the all-round support you need.

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