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Happy New Year 2021! To celebrate the occasion, we now offer for a short time FREE return shipping of samples within the UK! Despite lockdown, our labs continue to work for you without restrictions!

Lab Mould Test

non toxic

Expert mould analysis in a specialist laboratory

Receive an extensive assessment and find out what species of mould you have

  • Simple sampling using instructions - no prior knowledge required
  • Mould analysis in an accredited laboratory
  • Fast analysis of your mould sample (8-10 days)

Mould thrives in damp rooms, where it can quickly become a problem. This test provides precise information, e.g. whether mould is present in your sample, which type of mould you are dealing with and the intensity of growth. The specialists in our accredited laboratory quickly analyse your sample and the results can then be accessed online.

Lab Mould Test
Lab Mould Test
Lab Mould Test
Lab Mould Test
Your samples will be analysed as
soon as they arrive at the laboratory.
IVARIO is part of the GBA group - one of Europe's leading providers of laboratory testing services!

Shipping and service flat rate (outward and return shipping)

Our packaging and shipping fee is £7.50 for outward shipment, the amount may slightly vary due to conversion from Euros.Savings campaign extended! Today return shipping of samples for laboratory analysis is free of additional charge!

No hidden shipping costs or fees await you.

1 241 kr
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Lab Mould Test

More information on the Lab Mould Test

When should a Lab Test be done, and who should do one?

- High humidity in your rooms
- Respiratory problems
- Allergies
- Pregnant women, children, eldery people, or anyone else who is more at risk lives in the flat/house
- You suspect mould in your bathroom, on the windows or on the walls
- Strange smells (musty/stuffy)

This test is ideal if you want or need a comprehensive analysis of your mould sample. We provide a precise analysis so that you can treat it in the most effective way possible. You receive details about the type of mould found and its intensity. Therefore this test is ideal if you strongly suspect you have a mould infestation or if this has been confirmed.

How does the Lab Test work?

After ordering a mould test online, your test kit will be dispatched within 24 hours. This test kit contains all the tools needed to take a sample yourself - no special knowledge is required. After the sample has arrived at our lab, it is examined by specialists. When the analysis is complete, you can access the results online or they can be posted to you if you prefer.

Why choose IVARIO?

Test your surfaces and indoor air samples for mould quickly and safely. Customer service on the phone and by email after receiving your results means you get the all-round support you need.

The professional, comprehensive support that our customers receive has convinced many of them to have their drinking water tested by us too. Water quality is of course strictly monitored by water suppliers, however the quality is only guaranteed up to the property boundary. Everything situated on the property itself is generally the homeowner's responsibility, and there may be hazardous substanbes hiding in the pipes or fittings. 

1 241 kr
968 kr

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