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Lab Mould Test - Indoor Air

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Expert mould analysis in a specialist laboratory

Receive an extensive assessment and find out what species of mould you have

  • Easy to take samples, includes instructions – no specialist knowledge required
  • Mould analysis by our experts in an accredited specialist laboratory
  • Detailed lab report including the type of mould and the cause

Damp rooms are especially susceptible to mould, which can quickly lead to health issues. If you suspect mould in your home, you should act fast and analyse the mould in your home so that you and others are no longer at risk. The findings from the lab can help you and your doctor to identify the cause of health issues. You receive precise information regarding possible mould spores in the air in your home, including information about the type of mould and the possible cause. The report also outlines the severity (kbE). The specialists in our accredited testing laboratory analyse your sample quickly. You can then access your test results conveniently online. If you can already see signs of mould, we recommend that you order the Mould Surface Analysis Kit.

Important Note: Please select the number of rooms you want to test using the Quantity field below. We recommend testing the bedroom, living room and children rooms – if present.  

Lab Mould Test - Indoor Air
IVARIO laboratory analyses are performedimmediately after receipt
of your sample.IVARIO is part of the GBA-Group - one of the leading accredited laboratory service providers in Europe!
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Lab Mould Test - Indoor Air

More information on the Lab Mould Test - Indoor Air

Test for mould with the Lab Mould Test - Indoor Air

The Lab Mould Test Kit allows you to easily, safely and reliably test the air in your home for mould. Simply follow the illustrated instructions, place the petri dishes with their culture media out for two hours and then send these to our laboratory.

Unlike the Rapid Mould Test Kit, here the lab does the analysis for you. Our experts compile a report and precisely identify the types of mould present. In addition, you receive accurate information about what conditions can cause the specific types of mould in question to develop.

This information is key, as it is not always clear what the cause of the mould is, especially when mould spores are identified in the air that were previously undiscovered. White mould is a good example of this – its colour means that it often goes unseen, but it can still be harmful.

The Lab Mould Indoor Air Test Kit: a reliable way to identify mould

Spotting mould and having it identified in a lab is a safe investment in your own health. Identifying mould spores at an early stage is especially worthwhile for risk groups, so that the mould can be effectively combated.

The risk groups often affected by mould include:

  • People with respiratory disorders: Mould can seriously affect people with respiratory disorders, can make their condition worse or can lead to new complications. As such, a DIY mould test kit that tests the air in your home is highly relevant for people with respiratory disorders.
  • Asthmatics: If you or one of your relatives suffers from asthma, you should test the air in your home for mould regularly to ensure that no issues can arise that will make the asthma worse.
  • Pregnant women: As there are often restrictions on the antihistamines that pregnant women are allowed to take and the poison from mould (mycotoxins) can affect foetal development, mould poses a risk for pregnant women that should not be underestimated.
  • Young children: Just like those with a weakened immune system, the natural defences of young children and babies are not fully functional. As a result, mould poses a considerable risk for young children. It is, therefore, worthwhile testing the air in your home for mould in order to provide a safe environment for the next generation.
  • People with a weakened immune system: It doesn't matter whether your immune system is weakened due to illness or immunosuppressives, mould poses a serious risk. When the immune system is weakened, the body cannot effectively defend itself against spores and mycotoxins. Performing a mould test to check the air is a recommended precaution.

In addition, there are some groups who do not fit into any of the risk groups listed above, but for whom a mould test is still worthwhile. For example, mould spores can be easily brought into the home and then distributed by pets. Plants can also be responsible for mould. Natural soil is a great breeding ground and is moistened regularly when the plant is watered. As such, it is relatively easy for mould to form here when the moisture accumulates. As such, rooms containing lots of plants, such as conservatories, are definitely a space in which a mould test should be carried out.

Do you suspect mould? Act fast! Test your home for mould

If you suspect mould – be it in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, cellar, loft or office – you should act quickly. The more time that passes between mould developing and the problem being treated, the more difficult it can be to remove mould from walls, tiles, wallpaper, textiles and furniture. As such, early diagnosis cannot just protect your health, but also save you money.

A strange smell in the room in question can be an indicator that there might be mould. Mould often smells slightly musty; there is a reason why we associate the smell of mould with musty cellars. The smell of mould is often reminiscent of soil, earth or musty clothing and is relatively easy to identify. It is, however, often more difficult to actually find the mould. The Lab Mould Test Kit can help. Mould spores are identified, the type of mould confirmed, and, in the case of a high concentration, information is provided so that the mould can be found.

As mould can cause a range of different symptoms, you should always act if these become chronic, rather than just temporary. Fatigue, headaches, listlessness and respiratory tract irritations are the main symptoms, but an increased susceptibility to bronchitis, asthma or long-term malaise could also indicate a mould problem. As such, testing premises in which employees spend a lot of time is also a sensible precaution for employers. On the one hand, you can show your employees that you care about their health; but you can avoid losses caused by health problems arising as a result of mould in your work premises.

Mould tests analysed in accredited laboratories

All lab analyses that IVARIO carries out on your behalf are conducted in accredited specialist laboratories. As a subsidiary of the GBA Group, we can count on the skill and expertise of professional lab specialists to reliably analyse your mould samples. And, if you have any questions following the analysis, you can contact our IVARIO experts for support.

Just moved house? Test for mould!

In an ideal scenario, you would test your new home for mould before moving in; but that is not always an option. As such, it is important to gain a rapid understanding of the situation once you have moved in. If no mould is detected, you can unpack all of your furniture in peace and can crack on with your renovation plans. However, if you do find mould, you have the opportunity to identify it at an early stage and to take pragmatic steps to remove the mould.

Other issues affecting the air in your home

Another potential problem regarding the air in your home that needs to be considered is asbestos. Just like mould spores, asbestos fibres can spread through the air undetected. Unlike mould, however, asbestos is often an invisible danger. That is why you should consider not just testing the air in your home for mould – in order to protect your health, you should also test it for asbestos fibres.

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