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Legionella Water Test

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In order to rule out the presence of legionella bacteria in drinking water, regular water testing is required for those who supply drinking water to third parties. The bacteria are spread through water vapour and infection can often turn into a serious lung infection. Common sources of legionella are showers, air conditioning units or artifical waterfalls. Thus, legionella testing is recommended to detect or rule out contamination. The legionella test provides fast assurance and reliable results. 

Legionella Water Test
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Legionella Water Test

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More information on the Legionella Water Test

Legionella bacteria in water can have serious consequences - protect yourself by testing for legionella!

Legionella testing is not a luxury, it's necessary to ensure your water is safe. The presence of legionella in water is a constant risk and can only be ruled out by legionella testing. Legionella testing ensures that drinking water can safely be used for showering, washing and cleaning. This is because legionella does not enter the human body through food like heavy metals or other pathogens, but is inhaled. If legionella make it into the lungs, serious health problems can occur. Showering and bathing as well as air conditioning, sprinklers and whirlpools carry a particularly high risk. 

Contrary to popular opinion, legionella is not just a "swimming pool problem", even though in theory, the risk of infection is greater at a pool. The danger can also lie closer to home - for instance when cleaning, cooking, showering or using air conditioning. All these potential hazards can be found in your own home!

Our test kit enables quick and simple legionella testing that provides assurance in no time. In some cases, infection can even lead to fatal lung infections. 

The biggest danger lies in the home - water companies' liability ends at the water meter!

Even though water suppliers are required to provide households with perfectly clean, 'wholesome' tap water, consumers cannot depend on this. Ultimately, the supplier's responsibility ends at the home water meter. Even if up to this point the quality of drinking water complies with government standards and the water is free of legionella and other harmful contaminants, it can still put the consumer at risk. In 99% of cases, contamination occurs in the home. Legionella water testing should therefore be carried out independently, as it is by no means guaranteed that the water supplied by water companies is completely safe. 

Legionella water testing: for the safety of the consumer

Legionella testing should be performed on a regular basis. Pathogens can cause huge health problems if respiratory infections arise. Legionnaire's disease, which is caused by legionella bacteria in water, manifests itself as a lung infection and can be fatal. The risk posed by legionella in water is often underestimated - on average 15% of all lung infections caused by legionella end in death. Pontiac fever, the second type of infection caused by legionella in water, is somewhat less dangerous. Because the lungs are not directly affected, fever and flu-like symptoms weaken the sufferer, but disappear after a few days. However, this form of the illness can be particularly dangerous for young children and those with weak immune systems. Therefore legionella testing should be carried out to prevent infection. The legionella test kit quickly and clearly shows if your own tap water could put you at risk and if action needs to be taken.

Legionella in water can multiply rapidly - regulations prescribe strict maximum values

Legionella bacteria tend to dwell in areas with warm water where they can multiply more easily. It is for this reason that incidents of legionella contamination are more frequent at swimming pools or public showers. Legionella testing is carried out in a laboratory with a warm water sample. However, even in cold water, the risk is not completely eliminated. If your cold water stays above 25 °C after being run for a long time, it should undergo legionella testing. The legionella water test kit is primarily intended for testing warm water systems. 

Legionella test - gain peace of mind with one simple legionella test!

After ordering our legionella water test, you can send in your water sample extremely easily using our foolproof test kit, and then find out if your water supply is contaminated with harmful pathogens. After sending in your sample and having it tested, you can view the results of your legionella test online using your personal access code. We can gladly offer advice on your test results by phone or email. You can submit the results to your landlord or housing company for further assessment if you wish.

Legionella testing should be carried out frequently 

It's better to be safe than sorry, and therefore we recommend carrying out regular legionella testing. UK health and safety laws stipulate that a legionella risk assessment be carried out as soon as drinking water is provided to a third party, and legionella testing performed if there is a cause for concern. However, due to the fact that legionella multiply rapidly in water, it is recommended to carry out legionella testing at more regular intervals. Where necessary, tenants must take a more active role in carrying out legionella testing. After all, health and safety laws do not actually require landlords to have a legionella test certificate.

Guidelines for the testing frequency for managers of public institutions as well as landlords' duties are provided by the HSE. Your local health authority can provide more information. 


Do you have more questions concerning legionella in drinking water? We have provided more information in our drinking water blog. Is something still not clear? We would be happy to answer any of your questions!

Don't know which water testing kit is right for you? You can find a comparison of our water analysis kits here.

Tip: in addition to the legionella test, we recommend testing for heavy metals, bacteria/germs and salts. Click here for more information on water testing.


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Customer opinions on Legionella Water Test

HP-Dächer . (23.10.2018)
Test arrived quickly, test report too
Perfect, would buy again.
Martin K. (10.11.2017)
Used 6 times already
The Legionella test kit is well explained - results of the analysis are clearly structured and unambiguous. Fantastic price, reliable partner.
anonym . (13.06.2017)
contaminated shower water at home!
Do the test, it clarified quite a few issues for us!
Stefanie K. (25.04.2017)
Legionella testing for my flat
The legionella test kit was very easy to understand and quickly done. I can wholeheartedly recommend them as they were incredibly cheap too. 3 samples for just under ?100. Fantastic!
Martin . (29.10.2016)
Whole thing went smoothly
Many thanks! Highly recommended.
Dirk l. (30.07.2016)
Lung infection due to legionella bacteria
A lung specialist recommended me this test. It found legionella (800 CFU).
Berthold V. (26.06.2016)
Very good
Quick delivery of all contents - simple to use - test report was confidential due to encryption. Very good.
Martens . (31.05.2016)
Easy for tenants
I'm a landlord and used this legionella test kit for a legionella assessment. Our tenants found the sample collection process easy.
Marten P. (22.04.2016)
Very helpful customer service
Everything is handled professionally - the service too! I received a detailed consultation after a legionella contamination was discovered. Many thanks for that. Happy to recommend you to my friends.
Awig U. (05.04.2016)
Cheap/good test
The legionella test was fairly easy to do and understand. The price was impressive too. We analysed 5 water sources.
Hornig . (15.01.2016)
Fast legionella testing
I've tested my water twice now. Both times with you. The first time was really easy with the instructions. The second time I already knew how to do it without. I tested the water from the showers in our holiday apartments because the water there hasn't been used for a while and so legionella could grow there. The results showed that neither was a problem. Very happy.
Karl-Heinz C. (06.01.2016)
Please amend product description
"The whole process was straightforward. However, it definitely needs to be mentioned that three test kits are needed for proper legionella testing in the flat: 1 sample at the inlet, 1 at the outlet, and 1 at the furthest sampling point, e.g. in the shower. That's how it's supposed to be done. Please add that for everyone to see :))P.S. the price and everything else is superb!"
Max E. (17.12.2015)
Fast delivery
The Legionella test kit came the following day. The analysis was fast too.
Schmidt I. (25.11.2015)
Easy to do
Unlike the legionella test before, this test was easy to do and extremely cheap in my opinion. A great way of testing your water yourself. The lab assessment arrived punctually and was easy to understand.
N.N. . (05.11.2015)
"I couldn't find any cheaper tests online and am totally impressed with the quality. The report came quickly, no legionella at ours :-) Peggy"
Kremer . (31.10.2015)
No problems
Everything ok. I can recommend this for legionella testing. No complaints about the process etc.
Gast . (27.10.2015)

As property managers, we've decided to carry out legionella testing for our tenants on a quarterly basis. The test kits are great for this purpose because the design is simple and anyone can take the sample. Even our elderly tenants don't have any problems with them.
Marcel J. (30.09.2015)
Fast home test kit for legionella. It's good that there aren't any long waiting times and the results are presented logically.
Manuela . (25.09.2015)
I don't really like product reviews?
?but the Legionella Test is great :)
Dr.Schnurr . (22.09.2015)
Perfectly simple and well thought out. I'll be buying the test again.
Aplogas G. (31.08.2015)
Simple and cheap
Nice simple test to check for legionella - would happily buy again

Please note that this test serves as a self-monitoring tool and cannot be used for official or legal purposes because the sample is taken by you as a private individual and not by a specialist. If you require officially approved results in accordance with the Water Supply Regulations (e.g. for landlords or housing companies), the sample must be taken by a specialist. If you have questions concerning this, contact us and we will be happy to advise you.