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Glyphosate Test

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Water testing for glyphosate

Detect pesticides in your water

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The Glyphosate Test helps you to identify the glyphosate content in your tap water. Many believe that the widespread use of glyphosate as a herbicide is a threat to the quality of our groundwater and drinking water. Our water testing kit gives you clarity and reveals if your water has potentially been contaminated with this pesticide. 

Glyphosate Test
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Glyphosate Test

How your water analysis works

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More information on the Glyphosate Test

Glyphosate - rapid water analysis and pesticide testing 

Glyphosate is playing an increasingly significant role in agriculture as a herbicide or weed killer. The pesticide makes its way through the water cycle into the soil and from here into the groundwater that is used for drinking water. This is where the Water Supply Regulations come into play. The plant protection agent (i.e. pesticide) is believed to be toxic for humans. However, the link between ingestion of the substance and adverse health effects has not been 100% proven.

Numerous studies show abnormalities in regions where use of the pesticide is extensive compared to regions where it is less widespread. During the period of study, occurrences of miscarriages and deformities in children were common. Furthermore, glyphosate is thought to be carcinogenic. UK drinking water regulations set the maximum concentration of pesticides in drinking water at 0.5 µg/l. 

Hidden danger for humans - a water analysis gives you answers

It is worth carrying out this water analysis if pregnant women or babies use the drinking water supply. However, the presence of glyphosate can pose a health threat for others too, although this has not yet been fully established.

This test not only shows if your drinking water contains glyphosate, but also how much is present.

The stages of your water analysis - it's this easy

After placing your order, you'll receive a test kit that contains everything you require to take the sample. Approximately 5-7 days after we receive your sample you can view the results of your analysis online using your own personal access code, or print them if you like. If you still have unanswered questions, our trained IVARIO team will happily answer them on the phone or by email. We consider every single result and make sure no question is left unanswered.

Attention: To rule out the presence of other contaminants in your groundwater, we recommend our Well Water Test Kit for private wells. You can request this here.

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Customer opinions on Glyphosate Test

Please note that this test serves as a self-monitoring tool and cannot be used for official or legal purposes because the sample is taken by you as a private individual and not by a specialist. If you require officially approved results in accordance with the Water Supply Regulations (e.g. for landlords or housing companies), the sample must be taken by a specialist. If you have questions concerning this, contact us and we will be happy to advise you.