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Asbestos Test for Standard Materials

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Our most extensive asbestos test

Test almost all materials and detect as little as 0.1% asbestos

  • Easy sample collection with instructions - no specialist knowledge required
  • Asbestos analysis in an accredited testing laboratory
  • Express analysis of your asbestos sample (3-7 days)

Asbestos can hide in a number of different materials. Inhalation of this toxic substance has been proven to cause lung cancer. With the Asbestos Test for standard materials, you can stay on the safe side, for example if you have a construction company and are responsible for your staff. If you are understaking private renovation work, it is also advisable to carry out an analysis of your materials, e.g, fibre cement, bitumen adhesive, felts etc. Depending on the material, the lab can detect asbestos levels of between 1% and 0.1%. Thanks to cutting-edge Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) technology, your results will be exceptionally accurate.

Asbestos Test for Standard Materials
Asbestos Test for Standard Materials
Asbestos Test for Standard Materials
Asbestos Test for Standard Materials
Your samples will be analysed as soon as they arrive at the laboratory. IVARIO is part of the GBA group - one of Europe's leading providers of laboratory testing services!

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Asbestos Test for Standard Materials

More information on the Asbestos Test for Standard Materials

When should the Asbestos Material Test be done and who should do one?

The manufacture and use of asbestos has been banned in the UK since 1999. Buildings that were built before 1999 are more likely to contain asbestos. Asbestos in insulation, flooring, fibre cement, etc is only released when the material is disturbed, which can pose an enormous health risk.

The Asbestos Material Test for standard materials is ideal if you suspect an asbestos problem and want to protect yourself from asbestos fibres and man-made mineral fibres. Under the microscope, the presence of 1% asbestos can be detected. In order to help spot potential health threats caused by this hazardous substance, our accredited laboratory uses Scanning Electron Microscopy and state-of-the-art analytical methods.

Examples of man-made mineral fibres are slag wool, basalt wool as well as stone and glass wool.

These are commonly found in: 
Ceiling panels
Insulating materials
Ovens and fireplaces
Fire doors and mats

What kinds of samples can be analysed?

Asbestos textiles 
Asbestos rope
Asbestos-containing seals
Asbestos board
Asbestos cement
Brown and black bitumen adhesive
Cement pipe
Cushioned vinyl
Electrical components
Electrical appliances
Fibre cement
Flat seals and washers
Floor-flex boards
Insulating material from night storage heater
Lightweight building boards
Loose-fill fibres
Mineral fibre insulating board
PVC flooring
Sprayed asbestos
Window putty

How does the Asbestos Material Test work?

All you have to do is send a sample of your material to our laboratory. The accredited German laboratory will take care of everything else using state-of-the-art analytical methods. The various methods used on the material range from microscope magnification through to ashing and acid treatment. After a short period of time you can view your results online or request for them to be posted to you.

Why choose IVARIO for asbestos testing?

With IVARIO you can test your air/dust and material samples for asbestos safely, quickly and precisely. After receiving your results, customer support on the phone and by email ensures you get the all-round support you need.


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